Goals are in sight for Southend HC

Published on 17th Mar 2021 by Rachel Garfirth

Southend HC alongside all grass roots clubs in the country, have faced several difficult challenges since the start of Covid-19 restrictions in March 2020 and despite getting on the astro for two months at the start of the 20/21 season, the light at the end of tunnel still remains to be a difficult one to see. 


However, that light started to shine brighter last month when they found out they were victorious in a Harrod Sport competition to win two goals which were used in the 2016 Champions Trophy used by the biggest names in the sport.


On the new Goals, Chairperson - Melanie Lamb said ‘The past year has been such a challenge for everyone, in April 2020 we lost a beloved member of our Southend HC Hockey Family, Pete Benson. To me, and I hope for our club members, winning these two amazing 2016 Champions Trophy goals from Harrod Sport are a true symbol and acknowledgement of the difficult year we have experienced, but also a very hopeful sign of what's to come for Southend Hockey Club.’


The club hopes to be back on the astro using their new goals but also want to make sure they do this in the safest way possible for both their members as well as their oppositions. This does not mean Southend HC has stopped altogether. Currently, they are keeping members engaged and active through their ‘Around the world challenge’ which has allowed all areas of our club (Youth and Adult) to exercise at their own pace to keep healthy and also keep inside of the current government's guidance. 


With restrictions starting to ease at the end of this month and their members dusting of their sticks ready to play, the club remains motivated to get back on the astro and get results that have been over a year in the making and once again show what a dominant force we are on the pitch as well as off of it.