3s Spice up your life with entertaining draw against Colchester

Published on 3rd Nov 2018 by Rachel Garfirth

Colchester Hockey Club 2 - 2 Southend HC Ladies 3s


The ladies 3s woke up very early to head to Colchester in the hopes of getting a better result than the week before. The team sheet was full with 16 players making the journey. Fortunately, Emily Daelemans was there to try and control all of them.

Following a spirited speech (via whatsapp) from team coach Melanie Lamb, the team started brightly, dominating play from the off. Colchester gave a lot of space for the ball to be ran on to and carried. Ellie Jones once again running rings around the oppositions defense in the search for an opener. Nicola Wells and Freya Martin also linked up well down the left to allow for early chances to no avail. Colchester did attempt an early break but Gail Swain and Stella Preece were able to thwart these attacks prior to any real attempt being made.

Southend were able to break the Colchester defense several more times with Rachel Garfirth attempting an audacious reverse flick which went inches wide and annoyed their defense. It did however, excite the crowd of supports that made the journey to watch. It wasn't much long before Ellie Jones, played Nicola Wells in who then turned the ball past the opposition goalkeeper. Which was well deserved considering the pressure that had built up during the first 15 minutes of the game.

Towards the end of the half Colchester broke down the right and headed for the D despite the defense best attempts to stop them. This ultimately led to the ball hitting a foot and the opposition scoring with straight strike from the resulting short corner. This meant the teams went in all square for half time although the threes felt like they should have gone in with the lead.


Half time Colchester Hockey Club 1 - 1 Southend HC Ladies 3s


Colchester started the second half strongly, consistently attacking down the wing putting pressure of Christine Baker and Ali Snelling. Although most of these attacks were prevented, the attackers of the opposition were able to get through leading to a one on one for temporary goalkeeper Hanna Stevens who despite distracting the forward with an amusing run towards her, was unable to prevent the ball hitting the backboard.

Following the goal, Southend were able to settle back in to the game and the ball kept being thread through to eventual man of the match Poppy Martin, who was able to run around the defense and attempt a number of chance on goal to no avail.

Eventually, Southend earned themselves a short which despite being played wide, was swung back to the P sport for the silent but deadly Sheila Taylor to slap in to the goal to bring the game level. The goal also led to everyone seeing Sheila jump so high, she touched the sun.

The naughtiest moment of the game came when following the ball going of the baseline, Nicola Wells disagreed with the umpire who then thought it would be fun to whip out a green card in the closing stages of a close match.

The 3s and Colchester continued to push hard for a winner in the last few minutes but then the whistle was blown and the points had to be shared…


Full Time Colchester Hockey Club 2 - 2 Southend HC Ladies 3s


Following the game captain Gail Swain said ‘I don’t do fake quotes but if I did, they’d be the best fake quotes in the world’

Player of the match Poppy Martin said ‘I’m not Poppy, I’m Freya!’

Assistant coach Emily Daelemans said ‘Something about being 1-0 up and then being 2-1 down and then coming back to get a 2-2 draw’


Player of the match - Poppy Martin 
Best Goalkeeper - Hanna Stevens 
Most excitable supporter - Mark Jones 
Naughtiest player - Nicola ‘the green card’ Wells 
Player who decided to play dead halfway through the game - Sheila Taylor 
Driver of the umpiremobile - Jenny Gallott 
Best Captain - Gail Swain
Best Coach - Melanie Lamb
Best assistant coach - Emily Daelemans 
Best Match Reporter - Rachel Garfirth
Best Team - Ladies 3s